We Are Plant Based

A Little Story About Us


Mario and Carey Palmer proudly took ownership of the Nutritious You Cafe in October of 2020 during one of the most difficult times in history to be in the restaurant business. They bravely moved forward knowing how important this movement would be to the world.

They realized the need for a fully plant based cafe that could be an oasis for people staying away from highly processed foods and animal products.

When traveling the world they found it difficult to find places that served “REAL” food. Food that actually tastes good and was also good for you. They had this in mind when they bought Nutritious You Cafe in Siesta Key.

Siesta Key Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country and they so grateful to be a part of this community.

Visitors from all over the world stop in the Cafe happy to have found a healthy place to keep them on their whole food plant Based Vegan way of eating.

At Nutritious You Cafe they use only quality ingredients. Mostly organic, non-GMO, gluten free and minimally processed.

They offer whole food plant based, vegan, raw vegan and plant based snacks that are dehydrated at low temperatures to keep the nutrients in tact. This is a slow and careful process.

There is something for everyone at Nutritious You Cafe including those who are just starting out on a plant-based journey.

Everything is made with your health and the health of our planet in mind. We are the “only” fully plant-based café on siesta key and are committed to keeping everything free from animal products.

Mario was inspired by the documentary “Fat, Sick and nearly Dead”. This documentary was lead by Joe Cross, a man who traveled across the USA while consuming only fresh pressed juice for 60 days. He interviewed people along the way in some of the most unhealthy areas of America. He wanted to know what they thought about what he was doing. Most thought he was crazy, but didn’t think at all about their highly processed standard American diets. After the 60 days, Joe was able to cure himself of diseases that haunted him for over a decade. In the process of helping himself, he also started a movement to help others learn about taking control of their health. Mario is continuing this crusade by helping as many people as possible learn about juicing, eating whole foods and by providing this Cafe.

For over 25 years Carey has worked as a Cardiac and Vascular Ultrasound Technologist. She realized the many benefits of being a vegetarian years before they met. Looking at plaque in arteries for many years made it easy for her to transition into being fully plant based. She had enough evidence and documentation to know whole food plant based eating was the answer for many health concerns as well as concerns for the planet.

Several years before moving to Florida Carey had lived in Alaska working for Indian Health Services when she was approached by Cornell University to help with a study which involved collecting data from People in rural Alaskan Villages. The study was being conducted to find out why there was an increase in diabetes and heart disease among Alaska Natives. She traveled to these remote areas and performed countless carotid artery ultrasounds scans on the Villagers. The internet was in full swing and People in these areas were now able to order Costco snack foods that they had never previously had access to before. Traveling by small prop planes, it wasn’t uncommon for Carey to be the only passenger along with cargo such as soda, cookies, and other very highly processed foods. It didn’t take long to figure out what was happening and why we were seeing this sharp increase in disease.

After starting a new life in Florida, Mario and Carey became a living testimony of how eating a balanced diet of plants, nuts, seeds and legumes can greatly increase your health.

Both being from families that are mostly “meat and potatoes” they were use to the strange looks when talking about not eating meat or dairy, and especially the word “Vegan”. The pressure to fit in and stay true to what they believed in was incredibly difficult and at times they would end up falling back into what was “familiar”.

After marrying in 2015, they were looking for ways to keep on track and stay plant based. When they were presented with the opportunity to actually own a fully plant based cafe they jumped in and have not looked back.

In 2019 Carey obtained her certification in Whole food plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University. Things came full circle when She realized the data She had collected so many years ago was actually part of the China Study. Dr T Colin Campbell author of “The China Study” was one of the leading Physicians helping cardiac patients that would have otherwise been beyond treatment.

Dr Campbell studied cultures that had little access to meat, diary or processed foods. Many of these people had virtually no heart disease or cancer. He has since lead the way for many physicians who are guiding Patients to simply eat more whole foods, therefore reducing their need for medication.

She had no idea that one day the data She collected so many years ago would actually be making a difference in the lives of People today.

This Cafe is a labor of love for them and they enjoy hearing the countless stories of people who have transformed their lives with plant based eating.

Thank you for supporting them and for also helping to make a difference in the world!

Come visit us at our Siesta Key location and taste some of amazing & better for you meals and juices.

We Are Plant Based

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We are 100% plant-based
We are passionate and live the plant-based lifestyle
We are adding value to your life while saving the planet
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