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Benefits of Juicing

Weight Loss

Drinking juice for weight loss allows your digestion to take a break, promoting healing, flooding your body with nutrients. Some people do what is called a Juice Fast to reboot taste buds. This is especially beneficial if you have been eating fast food, highly refined foods, and high sugar foods.


Overall health benefits of taking in loads of nutrients, even if you are not over weight. Juicing can heal so many ailments from migraines to cancer.

Is Juicing safe for kids?

Absolutely, many children today are being raised on high sugar box juices that contain no nutrients, and have loads of added sugar. Also, the lunch of today may be a bag of chips, soda, box juice and white bread sandwich with highly processed meats. Juicing fruit for your children is a way to introduce nutrients into their diet.

Can diabetics juice?

Yes, absolutely. There are countless documentaries that have proven that a plant based diet consisting of fruit, veg, nuts and seeds can cure diabetes, or at least significantly reduce blood sugar levels. If the diabetic is following a juicing regimen along with a healthy diet, staying away from highly processed foods such as breads, donuts, crackers, buns, French fries, etc. their sugar levels will normalize.


Many People can visibly see their skin is more radiant than ever when they add at least a few different juices to their diet, long with a mostly plant based diet. Eating more live fruit and vegetables definitely makes you feel more alive.

Documentaries to check out:

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead-Netflix
Simply Raw-Curing diabetes in 30 days
Super Juice Me-Jason Vale

Be open minded, educate your self, and having a good attitude about getting healthy is key!

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