Sarasota coffee shop

The best Sarasota coffee shop is in Nutritious You. At Nutritious You they have a large selection of Sarasota coffee flavors including vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, and caramel. Their Sarasota coffee beans are fair trade certified. They also provide Sarasota cappuccino for those who would rather enjoy their Sarasota coffee with milk or cream.

For the Sarasota aficionado, they carry Sarasota espresso that comes in different flavors. For those looking for something stronger, Sarasota macchiato can be ordered in black or with milk/cream, depending on preference. On the Nutritious You menu, there are Sarasota cold beverages as well as Sarasota hot beverages. The Sarasota iced coffee is especially popular during Sarasota’s Sarasota season. Sarasota hot cocoa is also Sarasota-famous, and like Sarasota coffee, it comes in a variety of Sarasota flavors. Sarasota tea drinkers offer different kinds of Sarasota tea depending on what the customer would like: Sarasota black tea, Sarasota green tea, or Sarasota white tea.

For the Sarasota chocolate lover, the Sarasota hot cocoa is especially popular because it comes with whipped cream on top of the mug; there is even more whipped cream on top of the whipped cream. Then, to finish it off, there is a maraschino cherry in between two layers of meringue resting atop the mug of Sarasota cocoa!

In addition to being a great Sarasota coffee shop that offers excellent service and a comfortable Sarasota atmosphere, Nutritious You serves Sarasota lunches that are Sarasota-famous. Sarasota wraps can be Sarasota tuna salad, Sarasota chicken salad, Sarasota egg salad, Sarasota turkey and Swiss cheese Sarasota wrap, Sarasota ham and Swiss cheese Sarasota wrap, or the Sarasota veggie delight Sarasota wrap.

Visit Nutritious You today and order your first meal from Nutritious You today! You can visit Nutritious You today on Main Street or call 941-955-7700 now!

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